Monday, November 24, 2008

Autos and Goudey relics

This is a bit off-topic, but here are a few autographed cards and a few Goudey jersey cards.

The autographed cards came from reader Timberhill as part of his trade for the book deal from 88 Topps Cards. He said right up front that he has no idea of their origins or authenticity as they were found stuck in a non-baseball-card-related purchase. I was wondering if anybody out there has an opinion on whether they are real or fake?

Also here are a few Goudey relic cards that I pulled form packs. Mostly I'm showing these as trade bait for 71 and/or 73 Topps cards. If you're interested in any of the stuff, email me at 78topps at gmail dot com.

(click on the image for much bigger versions)


Splint Chesthair said...

I don't know anything about authenticity but I am reminded that I always call the 1987 Donruss the "Tire Track" cards because for a long time I thought that's what that stripe was, not even bothering to wonder why it didn't make sense until one day I noticed the little baseballs. Now I want real tire treads of little baseballs. Also, when I was a kid I faked an autographed 1988 Mattingly All-Star card and traded it for a couple of 1987 McGwires and Bonds'.

Timberhill said...

Not all the Goudey have Jeter at the bottom? Maybe I will buy a pack or two.

dayf said...

In my completely unprofessional opinion, the Gwynn and Mattingly look plausible, while Strawberry doesn't really look like any of his other signatures I've seen. Darryl may have been having an out of body experience at the time though.