Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Giveaway winner: Cards 1 through 72

I've tallied all the points and here are the final standings for the first giveaway:


jacobmrley with 23 points

Runners-up are:

night owl with 21 points
Timberhill with 21 points
mmayes with 20 points
kevin with 18 points
gcrl with 16 points

followed by 20 other people with fewer points.

A new contest has already started with the post for cards 73 through 78, so start with a comment there. I'm tending to give more points for comments that answer questions I ask in my posts or that reveal interesting information about the careers, stats, or lives of the people featured on the cards.

Thanks, everybody, for participating!

jacobmrley--email me at 78topps at gmail dot com so we can arrange to get you your prize.

1 comment:

jacobmrley said...

wow! i am speechless, a most rare occurrence indeed...

i will email you post haste.

plus, i have some 71 and 73 topps to trade.