Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How to win cards on 78 Topps

I'm giving away the entire 1978 Topps set as we go along here. There will be no contests. The winners will be determined by who makes the best comments on the site.

My rationale is very simple: my motivation for doing this blog (as well as the 88 Topps Cards blog) is simply the interaction with all the readers and hearing all the cool/interesting/funny things you all have to add to my posts. So I am going to motivate you all to think about the posts and make comments.

This is all going to be very, very subjective, but here are the basic "rules" such as they are:
  • I'll be giving the cards away roughly 60 at a time, i.e. cards #1-60 then #61-120, etc.
  • If you've ever seen the show "Around the Horn", the system will be similar. When the host thinks someone has made a cool/interesting/funny point, they get points.
  • After the first 10 posts appear on a comment, those 10 will get graded by me and can earn anywhere from zero to three points.
  • By the time we reach 60 cards, or wherever I choose to break up the cards to give away, whomever is in the lead wins all the cards posted since the last giveaway.
  • Only your first comment on a given post counts. Comments by me don't count. Only comments on posts with 1978 Topps cards count. Comments on posts like this don't count.
  • I'll be giving out points for lots of things including interesting tidbits or stories, things you noticed about the cards, humorous stories, correcting or adding to my original copy, answering questions I might include in my posts, or interesting talk about baseball cards in general. Be concise, though. You'll lose out for being long-winded.
  • I reserve the right to run these giveaways in whatever fashion I choose or change the rules at any time. There is no fairness here.


csd said...

Sounds like a great deal. Does this count as the first post to comment on?

Andy said...

Not if you re-read the 5th bullet point above.

--David said...

"There is no fairness here." Excellent stuff!! Just the way ALL contests should be run - LOL, maybe not ALL....

jacobmrley said...

i am always late to the comment party because of an insane work schedule - can i get a pass on the top 10 since i always seen to be 12th or 15th...i will be quite loyal a reader (and contributor) just not always consistent - kind of like bob ryan on ATH.

Andy said...

Yes--I've been giving out points beyond comment #10 and will continue to do so.