Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Seven guys had at least 1 triple every year from 1973 to 1987 (15 seasons.) How many can you name?

I'll take guesses in the comments.


gcrl said...

i'll guess davey lopes and dave winfield as two of the guys.

Andy said...

Winfield yes, Lopes no

Timberhill said...

Jose Cruz
Ken Griffey
Dave Winfield
Buddy Bell
Charlie Moore
Frank White
Dwight Evans

I clearly need more to do at my job.

MMayes said...

Good job timber. I didn't find Moore and Cruz.

I was looking through '73 stats to start my search. I was about to be mortified that the last place Indians almost placed 3 on this list (Bell, Silent George Hendrick and Chris Chambliss).

Andy said...

Charlie Moore's card is coming up, which is why I asked this question.

I find it remarkably unlikely that Timberhill got Moore without cheating.

Timberhill said...

if cheating entails spending way too much time on baseballreference.com while i am "working," then yes, i suppose i did cheat. Half of those years were before I was born though.

dayf said...

I always assumes Andy asked these questions to get us to GO to baseball-reference.com. I didn't think it was cheating :)

jacobmrley said...

fisk. winfield. downing? evans?

--David said...

I don't think using resources available to you is cheating. It's making use of your resources!

I was gonna guess Bell, but it was given away... LOL

Andy said...

I don't get anything out of encouraging people to use B-R.com or subscribe to the B-R.com PI, other than satisfaction.